Zen Fitness Yoga Classes

Yoga Basics

Relax, renew and re-energize! Gentle movement for all level of yoga students.

Gentle Yoga

Enjoy a class with poses and breath techniques woven together to make a gentle, beautiful tapestry for your practice. This class is appropriate for beginners.

All Levels Yoga

Open to all levels, this vinyasa practice features flowing movement. Modifications will be offered so that students can tailor the class to meet their specific needs.

Warm Flow Yoga

This class incorporates postures into a “Vinyasa” (continuous flow) style at a comfortable pace in a warm (not hot) room. Poses are connected with each other and coordinated with the breath to increase strength, endurance, balance, and inner calm. The warmth in the room allows for a deepening of the posture and helps reduces the risk of pulling or straining muscles. Students modify the sequences to create a class that works for them.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy class is Yoga designed to accommodate sore knees, backs, necks, etc. we provide individual attention to adapt each pose to your level. This allows you to participate even if you have not done yoga before or are rehabilitating an injury.

This class moves at a slower pace and does not usually get down onto the floor. We use a chair for support and learn how to bring movement and circulation into tender places without aggravating existing sore spots. We have a very relaxing and enjoyable time together.


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