I would like to thank you Kate for recommending Sarah.

Thank you Sarah for allowing me the privilege of spending an hour 1:1 with me, while watching a DVD that I am dependent on. You were very good in correcting my poses and postures, encouraging me and being kind and gentle with your suggestions. I drove back to my moms trying to review all the tips you gave me. I know it will help when I am back in Alaska yoga mode.

I would love to join the group classes and will if I can. I didn't want to dwell on my limitations and how hard it has been to stay motivated these past months and years due to this and that. I am just so thankful that I reached out to find you all. Just know that Alaska is full of good people just like yourselves. It does the heart good to find kindred spirits wherever we go, if we just try.

Deb C.

I'm absolutely loving Zen.  Looking forward to many more classes!  Thank you so much.
Vickie H.

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