Private Training at Zen Fitness

Fitness Training

Fitness Training Working one on one with a trainer can yield amazing results. Sessions are geared exactly toward your goals and can be scheduled at whatever frequency you desire! Our ONLINE APPOINTMENT application means you have direct access to the trainers' calendars and your session can be booked in a matter of minutes! 


Pilates Private 

Pilates Private workouts require specialized trainers who have extensively studied human anatomy and have been certified in teaching the Pilates method.  The Pilates Reformer is a fabulous tool for building long, lean muscles.  Your core will be challenged while working your shoulders, back, hips and legs. Clients recovering from injuries, those with postural issues and athletes can all benefit from Pilates equipment workouts.  The Pilates Chair is another tool used to create lean, strong, muscles in the core and throughout the body. Your sessions will use a variety of specialized apparatus.


Yoga Private 

Yoga Privates sessions are a great option for those seeking individual instruction and guidance in a yoga practice.  A variety of Registered Yoga Teachers are available and sessions range from therapeutic, restorative and introductory yoga to power or Hot yoga.  We have a room dedicated to private training so you can be assured your session is truly private!


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Fitness Private

Fitness Training 30 minutes/shared/$50
Fitness Training 30 minutes/$35 1 visit
Fitness Training 30 minutes/$125 5 visits

Pilates Private

30 minute visit/$40
30 minute 5 visits/$150ThinkstockPhotos-533516107_copy
Yoga Private

1 hour visit/$60

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