Zen Fitness Pilates Classes

Pilates Circuit

A circuit workout using the Reformer, Tower, Wunda chair and mat for a total body workout! Adaptable for all levels of fitness, you will work your way around your body in just 30 minutes.  A perfect fit for time crunched working professionals who want to squeeze in an effective workout and get back to work without becoming a sweaty mess!

Mat Pilates/Mat Pilates Sculpt

All motion begins from our center. Learn how to effectively use your core muscles to create a strong, healthy and lean body. Exercises are primarily done lying supine/prone/side on a mat. Please bring your own mat.

The Mat Pilates Sculpt class integrates various small pieces of strength training equipment to help you sculpt and tone your muscles.  Continuing our emphasis on your core muscle, we introduce additional resistance (bands, weights, balance discs, etc.) to challenge and change you!


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One Month Unlimited Classes for $49!

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