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Caroline Bell

Caroline has been involved with exercise her whole life through various sports. After college, she was ready for a new exercise challenge, so she joined Zen. After joining Zen fitness in 2013, she fell in love with the classes and the people. Caroline is certified in Barre n Pow{h}er and Tap n Pow{h}er. She loves the mind- body connection focus of the Pow{h}er methods, as well as the empowering message. Caroline truly enjoys getting to know each client while leading them through their exercise experience.

Caroline Bell instructs the following:
  • Strength n' Pow{h}er
  • Strength n’ pow{h}er is a intentional movement fusion experience rooted in balance and strength. The fifth class birthed within THE pow{h}er METHOD uses a weighted bar to enhance the strength component to further challenge participants. Training with added light weight has been proven to preserve muscle mass, assist with weight control, decrease injury risks and reduce incidence of osteoporosis.
    Strength n’ pow{h}er motivates and empowers the spirit, soul, and body for women of all ages with an emphasis on building strength inside and out. Movement married with weight synergistically recharges and refreshes our energy and the innate fearlessness within each one of us.

    Strength n’ pow{h}er provides form focused movement designed to educate our warriors in the safe and effective use of added weight resistance.

  • Mat Pilates
  • All motion begins from our center. Learn how to effectively use your core muscles to create a strong, healthy, lean body.  Exercised are primarily done lying supine/prone/side on mat.

  • Mat Pilates Sculpt
  • Combines traditional Pilates mat work with light weights for a lean, sculpting workout.