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Brittany Huesman

Brittany has always been a fitness fanatic; a dancer since age 5, she switched to a more traditional gym and group fitness routine when she went to college. After moving to Columbus upon graduation, she started attending yoga and barre classes at Zen Fitness and began focusing on more mind-body activities.

Brittany received her initial BarreAmped certification in January 2015. She re-certified in the Barre n' Pow{h}er method in Nov 2016 and then in Tap n' Pow{h}er in June 2017. She also enjoys hiking, cooking/nutrition, boating, and spending time with friends and family.

Classes taught: Barre n' Pow{h}er, Tap n' Pow{h}er, Cardi-Yo Fusion


Brittany Huesman instructs the following:
  • Pow{h}er Up
  • Experience an intentional fusion of your favorite Pow{h}er Method classes. Barre mixes with Tap n Powher mixes with Strength n Powher and more. The combinations are endless providing a balanced total body workout with no chance for boredom!

  • Cardi-Yo Fusion
  • High-Intensity Interval Training with Yoga is a challenging and fun workout that combines yoga and intense training exercises. It is an effective way to boost your cardiovascular strength and build lean muscle mass while also reaping the benefits of the breathing and stretching you get from yoga. The class will offer periods of maximum intensity (HIIT cardio and/or light weights) and working rest (yoga) to boost metabolism, burn calories, and get healthy.