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Kate Connor

Kate Connor has worked as a fitness professional in the Columbus area since 1991. With a background as a certified athletic trainer, Kate brings a wide range of rehabilitation experience and knowledge into Zen Fitness. Kate's passion for mind body exercise along with her sense of humor and ability to establish a loyal clientele have propelled her into the world of small business ownership. Kate has a Bachelor of Science degree in both Athletic Training and Exercise Science and a Master of Science degree in Therapeutic Kinesiology. She is an ACE certified group fitness instructor and an RYT 200(Registered Yoga Teacher) through the Yogafit Training System. She has also completed the Reebok Core Pilates training program and PHI Pilates Full Certification course. Kate fell in love with the BarreAmped method in 2012 and is fully certified to teach all levels. In 2016, Kate attended Tap n' Pow{h}er teacher training and knew she'd found the missing link-balance training.  Kate is now a Pow{h}er Method Teacher Trainer and she feels blessed to share this method with other instructors and students.

Kate Connor instructs the following:
  • Pilates Circuit
  • A circuit workout using the Reformer, Tower, Wunda chair and mat for a total body workout! This class will challenge you but allows you to squeeze in full body strengthening and lengthening in middle of your workday! Perfect for working professionals who don't want to go back to work all sweaty and adaptable for all levels of fitness!

  • All Levels Yoga
  • Open to all levels, this vinyasa practice features flowing movement. Modifications will be offered so that students can tailor the class to meet their specific needs.

  • Barre CARDIO

  • Barre Express
  • A slightly shorter version of Barre. Barre classes provide lengthening and chiseling results fast using small isolated holds with tiny movements and tremendous mental connection. Expect an extreme challenge and prepare to leave feeling calmly energized with this hands on personal group training session.

  • Strength n' Pow{h}er
  • Strength n’ pow{h}er is a intentional movement fusion experience rooted in balance and strength. The fifth class birthed within THE pow{h}er METHOD uses a weighted bar to enhance the strength component to further challenge participants. Training with added light weight has been proven to preserve muscle mass, assist with weight control, decrease injury risks and reduce incidence of osteoporosis.
    Strength n’ pow{h}er motivates and empowers the spirit, soul, and body for women of all ages with an emphasis on building strength inside and out. Movement married with weight synergistically recharges and refreshes our energy and the innate fearlessness within each one of us.

    Strength n’ pow{h}er provides form focused movement designed to educate our warriors in the safe and effective use of added weight resistance.