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Deconstructing the Asana

This class is taught by:

Shannon Clulow

Shannon Clulow is a lifelong athlete who has been practicing yoga since 2000. Shannon holds a Bachelor's Degree in Art History, and has completed advanced coursework in Health & Wellness and Anatomy & Physiology. A former marathon runner, gymnast, and coach, she was initially attracted to the physical challenge of yoga, but quickly discovered the benefits of injury prevention, learning to breathe, focus, reduce stress, de-clutter, and embrace yoga philosophy both on ad off the mat. Shannon is an instructor certified at the 200 hour RYT level, and will complete training for the 500 hour RYT in April 2018.

Shannon became certified to teach Barre classes in 2013, and is proud to also be a class instructor for the Pow(h)er Method, leading classes in both Tap 'n Pow(h)er and Hold n' Pow(h)er.
Outside of the studio, she spends her time traveling, hiking, and kayaking with her family & dogs, and studying yoga daily in order to be able to offer informed, challenging, and thoughtful classes. Her wish is to help everyone who comes through the doors at Zen Fitness leave feeling empowered, confident, and open to possibility.
In this workshop, we will break down the most commonly practiced postures into bite sized pieces and discuss how they feel in your body specifically. We will talk about cues, what they mean, and if they work for you. We will approach the poses in terms of how they feel for you, rather than how they look, or what you “should” be doing. We will offer suggestions, tips, and modifications to maximize the benefits of each asana, and reduce discomfort or confusion. Please come with questions, and we will work together to discover what works best for your yoga practice.